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 The benefits described herein are available to each Covered Person subject only to payment of the applicable Copayment by the Covered Person. Copayments are required for Plan Benefits received from Member Doctors and Non-Member Providers. Covered Persons must also follow the proper procedures for obtaining Benefit Authorization.

Individual - Family Vision Plans
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You are reviewing the VSP Vision Care Plan. This plan offers individual and family vision benefits. A family membership covers the head of household including spouse, and your dependent children ages 26 or younger living at home. The vision insurance plan offers you the freedom to choose services within or out of the network. There is no waiting period for your services to start. Please review the vision benefit co-payments below and see how easy it is for you or your entire family to enjoy these quality services.


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This Schedule lists the vision care services and vision care materials to which Covered Persons of VSP are entitled, subject to any Copayments and other conditions, limitations and/or exclusions stated herein. If Plan Benefits are available for Non- Member Provider services, as indicated by the reimbursement provisions below, vision care services and vision care materials may be received from any licensed optometrist, ophthalmologist, or dispensing optician, whether Member Doctors or Non-Member Providers.

This Schedule forms a part of the Plan or Policy to which it is attached. Member Doctors are those doctors who have agreed to participate in VSP’s Choice Network. When Plan Benefits are received from Member Doctors, benefits appearing in the first column below are applicable subject to any Copayments as stated below. When Plan Benefits are available and received from Non-Member Providers, the Covered Person is reimbursed for such benefits according to the schedule in the second column below less any applicable Copayments.

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WellVision Exam© - Coverage from a VSP Doctor.
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A WellVision Exam is more than just a quick eye check. It focuses on your eye health and overall wellness. VSP doctors get to know you and your eyes. They take the time to look for vision problems and signs of other health conditions too. Exam is available once every 12 months. Co-payment for this service is once every 12 Months.
Prescription Glasses - Lenses
Single vision, lined bifocal, and lined trifocal lenses. Polycarbonate lenses for dependent children. Lenses are available once every 12 months. Average savings of 20-25% on non covered lens options. Dependent children of members are eligible for covered-in-full polycarbonate prescription lenses.
Prescription Glasses - Frames
$130 allowance for a wide selection of frames. Plus 20% off the amount over the allowance. A frame is available once every 24 months. Co-payment applies to lenses and frames, paid once every 12 Months.

~ or ~

Contact Lens Care
$130 allowance for contact lenses and contact lens exam. Current soft contact may qualify for a special program that includes an initial contact lens exam and initial supply of replacement lenses. Contacts are available once every 12 months, instead of prescription glasses.

Glasses - Sunglasses
Average 20-25% savings on non-covered lens options. 20% off additional prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses, including lends options from any VSP doctor within 12 months of your covered eye exam.
15% off cost of contact lens exams (fitting and evaluation).
Laser Vision Corrections
Discounts on LASIK, PRK and Custom LASIK using wavefront technology only are available from VSP-contracted facilities. Average 15% off the regular price or 5% off the promotional price. Discounts only available from contracted facilities.

Out of Network Reimbursement Amounts
Exam: Up to $34
Single Vision Lenses: Up to $17
Lined Bifocal Lenses: Up to $30
Lined Trifocal Lenses: Up to $43
Frame: Up to $38.25

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The benefits described herein are available to each Covered Person subject only to payment of the applicable Copayment by the Covered Person. Copayments are required for Plan Benefits received from Member Doctors and Non-Member Providers. Covered Persons must also follow the proper procedures for obtaining Benefit Authorization.

There shall be a Copayment of $15.00 for the examination payable by the Covered Person to the Member Doctor at the time services are rendered. If materials (lenses and frames) are provided, there shall be an additional $25.00 Copayment payable at the time the materials are ordered. However, the Copayment for materials shall not apply to elective contact lenses.


This Policy is designed to cover visual needs rather than cosmetic materials. When the Covered Person selects any of the following extras, the Policy will pay the basic cost of the allowed lenses, and the Covered Person will pay the additional costs for the options.

• Optional cosmetic processes.• Anti-reflective coating.• Color coating.• Mirror coating.• Scratch coating.• Blended lenses.• Cosmetic lenses.• Laminated lenses.• Oversize lenses.• Polycarbonate lenses.• Photochromic lenses, tinted lenses except Pink #1 and Pink #2.• Progressive multifocal lenses.• UV (ultraviolet) protected lenses.• A frame that costs more than the Plan allowance.• Contact lenses (except as noted elsewhere herein).• Certain limitations on low vision care.


There is no benefit for professional services or materials connected with:

• Orthoptics or vision training and any associated supplemental testing; plano lenses (less than a ± .50 diopter power); or two pair of glasses in lieu of bifocals; • Replacement of lenses and frames furnished under this Policy which are lost or broken, except at the normal intervals when services are otherwise available; • Medical or surgical treatment of the eyes; • Corrective vision treatment of an Experimental Nature; • Costs for services and/or materials above Plan Benefit allowances; • Services and/or materials not indicated on this Schedule as covered Plan Benefits.


See the Exhibit A: Vision Service Plan Insurance Company Schedule of Benefits Signature Choice Plan B $15/$25 for additional information.

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